Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ayesha Takia's sister gets ready for Bollywood

Natasha Takia, the sister of the hot Bollywood actress, Ayesha Takia is making the rounds of producers and directors. 21 year hottie, Natasha, has not yet received any offers as yet, but that may soon change.

She says that getting into films has been in her mind for some time. Now that her sister, Ayesha Takia, is a major star in Bollywood with lot of good movies and is an acclaimed actress, the decision to move into films was easy for her.

Natasha says she hasn't read any scripts nor recieved any offers as yet, but she is still into improving her skills. She wants to until something nice comes along. She has no qualms doing glamor roles. Hmmm.

Natasha is quite internet savvy. She also tweets all day.

She knows to play guitar and likes singing. She says, she likes all kinds of electronic music -- classic, rock, hip hop, anything that is fun and danceable.

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