Saturday, August 22, 2009

Katrina Turquotte aka Katrina Kaif

Did you know that Katrina Kaif's real name is Katrina Turquotte?

No? Even I also didn't know. But hey, what's in a name? Right?

You might know that Salman Khan has been like a godfather to her since she came into the Bollywood film industry.

Well, Ayesha Shroff, Jackie Shroff's wife recently talked about Katrina Turquotte aka Katrina Kaif. Here are some of her remarks. She says Katrina Kaif's real name is Katrina Turquotte, as that was what was on her passport when she came to India. The surnane was changed from Turquotte to Kaif as it was considered difficult to pronounce. They had even thought of changing it to Kazi.

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